Three high-performance UV printers which are easily overlooked


Five years ago, when you went out to the streets, the shops advertisement made by the flex banner and the banners printed by inkjets were everywhere. Even in the mall, many advertisements only show light box advertisements in eco solvent printing, but today, once you go to the familiar streets again, you will find that the original shop advertisement made by the flex banner has disappeared. Instead, it is the blister word made by Acrylic. When you come to the mall, even the light box on the underground parking ramp will make you feel refreshed; the sublimation banners hanging inside the mall, the colorful, contrasting light boxes which shows in  the shop window on the first floor, all of them are constantly proving that the ads have changed and the printing also have changed.

Ten years ago, with the popularity of Epson print heads, indoor and outdoor digital inkjet printer  began to popular in China. With smaller ink drops and higher precision, more and more spray painting graphic are replaced by digital inkjet printing, especially outdoor digital inkjet printing, with lower odor, better precision, far behind the inkjet, winning more and more interests in advertising stores.

Recent years, as outdoor digital inkjet printing applications have become more widespread, their own problems have been exposed consequently . To sum up, there are the following:

1. Outdoor weather resistance: Compared with indoor inkjet printing, outdoor photo has excellent weather resistance. In general, the output can be used in outdoors about half a year. However, if it is more than half a year, the output will appear lighter and lighter which is not suitable for long-term use of the screen.

2. Color density problem: Most outdoor inkjet printing materials are developed by the combination of ink and coating. Because the coating thickness of the material is limited, the ink on the surface of the material is also limited. However, when the output needs to be used for the background of a backlight such as a light box, the original color density cannot satisfy the light box demand. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the color density of the graphic by increasing the amount of ink, but there will be the problems such as material fainting, no ink absorption, and reduced image sharpness, they all seriously affects the picture quality.

3. Transparent graphic problem of the window: Most outdoor printers have only four colors of CMYK, but when you need to print transparent PVC material or PET material for glass window advertising, because the machine itself has no white ink, the printed images are often not bright enough, the graphic contrast is poor.

With the above problems frequently appearing in our business, a new way of business - UV digital printing has been slowly entered the public.

UV digital inkjet printer refers to a small UV roll to roll printer which uses Epson print head. Because of the use of UV ink, it has better weather resistance and can be weathered for 1-2 years in general. At the same time, therefore, the UV ink only cares about the adhesion of the ink and the material. There is no problem of ink absorption of the material, so that the color density requirement of the light box graphic can be satisfied. At the same time, most UV roll to roll printers use 4 colors / 6 colors + white UV ink. Therefore, when printing transparent PVC or PET, as long as the white ink is printed first, then the color ink is printed, it ensures that even transparent materials can guarantee a beautiful picture and a high contrast.

Through the above comparison, I believe that everyone should have a better understanding of the application of UV printer, I will recommend three high-performance UV printers that are easy to be ignored by everyone, I hope to have some reference to your future equipment purchase.

1.Roland: VersaUV LEJ-640
Print head type and quantity: Epson 2PCS
Max printing accuracy: 1440DPI
Color mode: CMYK+W+V
Max printing width: 1615mm
Reference price: 540,000RMB

2.Mutoh:VJ-1638 UH
Print head type and quantity: Epson 2PCS
Maxi printing accuracy: 1440DPI
Color mode: CMYK+W+V
Max printing width: 1615mm
Reference price: 288,000RMB

Print head type and quantity: Epson 2PCS
Max printing accuracy: 1440DPI
Color mode: CMYK+W
Max printing width: 1620mm
Reference price: 88,000RMB

The above information is from the network. If there is any error, please correct me.

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