5 Digital Printer for Perfect Backlit Printing


Backlit Printer, Epson Surecolor P20080, Canon iPF 9410, HP Z6800, Mutoh VJ-1638, ADDTOP SE1622-8C

In commercial establishments, people are easily attracted by the beautiful graphics, especially the light boxes. Light boxes, as luminous advertisement form, are becoming more and more popular. A good light box looks really beautiful, but it is very difficult to make, especially the graphics for the light box . A lot of pictures that look good without problems are placed on the light box. All the problems are coming, pass bending, shallow bending and other shortcomings can be seen clearly. This is what we call "dead on light".

There are a lot of materials which can make the light box graphics, such as knife coated flex banner, Ceiling Film, backlit fabric, and backlit film. As we all know, The backlit film is the most widely used indoors, because the printed graphics is particularly delicate, suitable for indoor close-up appreciation. Here we will talk about the backlit film printing, to analyze what kind of digital printer for perfect backlit printing, especially the indoor backlit film.

What kind of digital printer is the right printer for backlit film printing?

First of all, it must be multi-color, so-called multi-color should be more than 4-color, because 4-color gamut is too narrow which couldn’t fulfill the requirements for backlit printing. Most of time,4-color printer can only be used in some low-end poster printing. It couldn’t used for high-end backlit printing. As a photo of the light box printing, at least 8 colors can meet the requirements. 8 colors are the basic starting. Only multi-color can make the light box more colorful under the light, and the transition color is more uniform.

Secondly, it can support high PASS printing. Only a digital printer with high PASS printing can increase the amount of ink covered during printing. Simply speaking, it can cover the surface of the medium with more ink to improve the color saturation, so that the light box can keep in bright, and not show pale. Many light boxes’ graphics look pale after lighting. The main reason is that the ink is not enough. If you use low PASS but high ink limit mode is equivalent to one-time pouring too much ink into the media, easy to produce pile-up ink phenomenon, will also make the graphics blurred. Therefore, only by using high PASS to cover the backlit film with a little ink, can ensure a higher color saturation in clear images.

Third, the digital printer should be have accuracy stepping. Many people think that low-PASS printing can not see the PASS bending means good stepping. This is an absolutely wrong understanding, low-PASS printing is originally low-end poster printing, as long as the ink droplets can cover the surface of the media is enough. So the stepping of low PASS printing is also a primary requirement. Only in case of high PASS and high ink limit can print a clear pattern, there is no problem under the light box, fine lines and small characters can be kept clear, such stepping is regarded as accurate stepping. There is no way to achieve high quality high ink printing without precise stepping.

I think there are 5 digital printer on the market at present that can print the backlit perfectly. The following are the parameters of these 5 digital printer for reference only.

1.Epson Surecolor P20080
Printing Width: 1.6m
Max. Resolution: 2400x1200dpi
Ink color: water-based Pigment 10-color
Reference Price:11,995USD

2.Canon IPF 9410
Printing Width: 1.6m
Max. Resolution: 2400x1200dpi
Ink color: water-based Pigment 12-color
Reference Price:30,000USD

3.HP Z6800
Printing Width: 1.6m
Max. Resolution: 2400x1200dpi
Ink color: water-based Pigment 8-color
Reference Price:25,000USD

4.Mutoh VJ-1638
Printing Width: 1.6m
Max. Resolution: 1440x1440dpi
Ink color: water-based Dye 8-color
Reference Price:

5.ADDTOP SE1622-8C
Printing Width: 1.6m
Max. Resolution: 1440x1200dpi
Ink color: water-based Dye 8-color
Reference Price:9,500USD (60”)/9,000USD(50”)

Hope above info. Will give more help on understand the indoor backlit printing, The specification of above printer all from Internet,If any errors, Pls correct it.

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