ADDTOP flatbed printer XB138KU boosts wooden toy products


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Wooden toys are a major category in the toy category, originating in Europe and have a long history. Compared with other materials, wooden toys also have distinctive features: environmentally friendly; various patterns; easy to clean and maintain; strong plasticity, easy to express patterns and colors. Common wooden toys include building blocks, puzzles, early education puzzles, and dragging toys.

Based on the customer's needs and suggestions, ADDTOP's newly developed UV flatbed printer XB138KU has a full-size design of 1325, and the height of carriage has 15CM adjustable space. With the environmentally-friendly UV ink, it perfectly fits the printing needs of wooden toys. This printer uses small PL heads,can realize high speed quality printing with 2 pass.

Whether it is wooden blocks, puzzles, wooden building models or anime images, high-precision printing and colorful colors can be achieved, making good products unique and more selling.

ADDTOP XB138KU full-size UV flatbed printer will be officially released in Sign China this September, we look forward to your visit.

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