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Fabric Output are now being used in light boxes for high-end business place such as airports and 4S shop. It is also the first choice for various industries to participate in important exhibition sets. However, due to the lack of information acquisition by many output manufacturers, the industry's technical threshold is low. The competition is fierce, and they are unwilling to exchange information. They are more willing to purchase some US and Korean brands at a high price, and cause the situation of high cost, thus losing market competitiveness.


So is there a professional fabric printer in China? Yes. Jiaxing ADDTOP digital and technology Co.,Ltd launched its first fabric direct textile printer in 2015 which named HBE1802.


The supply/receiving system developed for the fabric characteristics completely solves the printing problems of deviation, uplifting, staining, etc. The whole machine is equipped with a post-printing fixing system to make the finishing of the face painting more efficient and energy-saving.This machine is sold in large quantities in Brazil, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries. Because of their lack of equipment information understanding, domestic display equipment manufacturers are only used by a small number such as Wenzhou and Suzhou which give a high degree of certainty.


Now Jiaxing ADDTOP Digital&Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of direct textile printers through the use feedback of customers and the needs of the market. The printing width is 1.8 meters, 2.2 meters, 2.6 meters, 3.3 meters. The color output is also change from the early 4-color output to the current 8-color output. It has been purchased by existing customers for various types of fabric light boxes, fast curtain show, curved pipe display racks, etc. The customer products should be used in airport terminal, high-end brand 4S shop, mobile phone shop. It used by many large enterprises for  exhibitions. For more product information, please visit the official website 

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