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Single Bed T Shirt Printer,Brother GTX, Epson Sure color F2100, Mouth Value jet 405GT. ADDTOP RT132

You are familiar with beautiful patterns on T-shirts and sweaters.Right now, there are plenty of printers which can print the design patterns on T-shirts. For sure the most difficult things is print the designs on 100%Cotton T shirts.Today, I will introduce the advantages of those T shirt printers which can print on cotton T shirts.Those T shirt printer which modified by Epson Desktop printer is not belong to today’s content. For those modified printer is not real production printer, So,they are not part of our discussion.

Large multi-bed T-shirt printer: These printer are only suitable for mass production. The classical example of this type of equipment is Kornit Duplex beds Printer Avalanche 1000, which can print 220 pcsT-shirts per hour, the Kornit Paradigm II, which can print 200 T-shirts per hour in combination with the traditional elliptical machine production line, and lots of multi-bed T shirt printer which modified by Flatbed printers. But these printers are only suitable for big quantities orders,  only suitable for factory enterprises. For small shops personalized printing, these printers are clumsy.

Small Single bed T shirt printer:This kind printers are suitable for small orders.The representative models of single-bed T shirt printers are:Brother GTX, Epson Surecolor F2100, Mutoh Valuejet 405G and ADDTOP RT132.Single-bed T shirt printer, with small size and footprint, can help customers to save the rental cost. Low investment,,low maintenance, easy operation,helping customers to reduce the running cost.So single-bed T shirt printer is very suitable for shops.

Multiple single-bed T-shirt printers can also form a U-shaped production line, which is the most reasonable production line layout for lean production. This production line will be more efficient than a large multi-bed T-shirt printer.

At the same time, the depreciation cost of these printers are much lower than the large multi-beds T-shirt printer. Such a combination of small single-bed T-shirts can satisfy the printing of small orders, but also to meet the needs of large orders. This flexible advantage allows many medium-sized printing plants to save investment and make the printing more efficient.

According to the above introduction, we should have a simple understanding of the difference among the different T-shirt printers, the following are the parameters and advantages of these representative of small single-bed T-shirt printers, i hope to help you understand more deeply.

1.Brother GTX

Head Q’ty: 2PCS

Color Model: CMYK+W

Max. Resolution: 1200x1200dpi

Advantages:Beside the T shirt, For the gap between heads and fabric is big, can also print sweater, Hats,Shoes and Jeans.

Reference Price: 22,500USD

2.Epson Surecolor F2100

Head Q’ty: 1PCS

Color Model:CMYK+W

Max. Resolution:1440dpix1440dpi

Advantages:By using Micro-TFP heads, The inkdrop is smaller than other heads, With extra-white ink filter, Reduce the maintenance and head clogging.

Reference Price: 17,995USD

3.Mutoh Valuejet 405GT

Head Q’ty: 4PCS

Color Model:CMYK+W

Max. Resolution:1200dpix1200dpi

Advantages:With 4pcs industrial heads, Less maintenance, The ink cost , esp. The white ink cost is less than other heads.

Reference Price: 19,995USD


Head Q’ty: 2PCS

Color Model:CMYKLcLm+W

Max. Resolution:1440dpix1440dpi

Advantages: 6-color output, The color much vivid than 4-color, The ink and head cost is cheaper, which make the running cost is competitive.

Reference Price:9995USD

Above info. All from Internet, If any mistakes, Pls correct it. 

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