Heat press a personalized dark print T-shirt with PET film


PET film; dark T-shirt; ADDTOP RE0601 printer; heat press

How to make a personalized dark-print T-shirt directly and conveniently, ADDTOP Digital suggests that you can use PET film heat press to achieve. Wearing a personalized T-shirt for today's young people, a personalized T-shirt represents a kind of trend. Today, take ADDTOP RE0601 and cutting plotter for example, they can make a personalized T-shirt printing and heat transfer, Let’s talk about the production process of T-shirt printing and heat transfer with PET film.

Using PET film heat transfer printing method, without pattern making color, set the pattern in the computer, and then print it out with ADDTOP RE0601 printer, and then the cutting plotter will engrave the image according to the outline of the image, and will burn it on the hot press machine. The dark T-shirt and the printed PET film are fixed in position, and the PET film is stamped on the dark T-shirt with appropriate temperature and pressure, so that a personalized dark printed T-shirt is completed.

The advantage of PET film printing is that it is fast delivery and easy to obtain. It is especially suitable for small batches, multi-variety orders or individual printing for individual customers, and has unparalleled cost and efficiency advantages. 

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