Besides digital printing, any other printing processes for T-shirts?


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ADDTOP Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures digital printing equipment. It has considerable advancement in the field of T-shirts digital direct printing. Especially the company's pure cotton T-shirt printer RT132 is deeply loved by customers, but we have to say that digital printing is not a panacea. Many traditional printing can make some effection which digital printing cannot get. Digital direct printing is very advanced and convenient, but there also have many restrictions. Now let's take about the T-shirt printing process expect digital direct-injection printing.

1.Imitation hot press

This kind of printing process has the advantages of acid resistance, high temperature resistance, high flashing and good stability. It is also favored by damp people because of its non-oxidation and cool metal texture. It has excellent printing performance and energy saving, and is most suitable for LOGO printing.

2.Fluorescent printing

This kind of printing process is characterized by its comfortable and soft wearing while paying attention to the bright colors, making it the most dazzling presence on the street. It uses a special process to display very bright colors in normal environments, and it can also reflect very bright fluorescence under special short-wave light sources.

3.Glue printing

This kind of printing process is characterized by water-resistant washing and no deformation. It can also ensure that the pattern does not tear when repeated folding. It can be printed in a large area with multiple colors. It is the preferred printing process for big brand tide T. It is mainly made of matt paint and has strong coverage. It is most suitable for designing various patterns on dark clothes.

4.Imitation printing

This kind of printing process is a printing process with bright color, soft hand and good breath ability. Relatively speaking, it has high viscosity and strong hiding power. It is a balance point based on water slurry and glue. It is most suitable for printing on light-colored fabrics and presents a thin powder pattern.

5.Reflective printing

The main function of this printing process is to make the clothes play a warning role, but because of the soft touch, anti-oxidation and full of coolness, it has already become the star of the fashion. It is most suitable for using the cool group, which can make the group stand out. The reason why it is reflective is because the printed material has a high refractive reflector inside.

6.Luminous printing

This kind of printing process uses a light-storing material to print with additives such as adhesives. The main feature is that the printed T-shirt can emit soft grass green light in the dark after being illuminated by the light source, giving a special visual effect. It is most suitable for casual wear and children's wear.

7.3D thick board

This kind of printing process is based on the glue, through the multiple printing technology to achieve high and low levels of clarity. Suitable for printing on all kinds of knitted fabrics. Because of its neat three-dimensional sense, it has quickly become a popular printing technology in the world, most of which are used for LOGO production and casual style printing.

8.Pearl printing

This printing process uses a luminous crystal paste printed on the surface of the fabric to achieve bright colors and pearl-like luster, which is more beautiful on dark T-shirts. In addition to the pearly luster and the special texture of the metal plate, this printing process also has acid resistance, high temperature and fastness.

9.Flocking printing

This kind of printing process prints the adhesive on the surface of the substrate and then vertically implants the short fibers onto the adhesive-coated grey fabric to form a suede effect. The flocking printing process has been popular in the printing industry due to the special suede feel and third dimension.

10.Suede foaming

This printing process uses the slurry to form bubbles by heat. On the basis of the foaming printing, the printing has the effect of faux fur, so that the surface is formed with irregularities, and the visually has a three-dimensional suede effect, and the hand feel is very soft. Suitable for printing on cotton, nylon fabrics and other fabrics.


This printing process uses a computer embroidery machine to embroider the preset pattern, with a line of pens, through the overlapping and interlacing of multiple colored embroidery threads, to make the color blend and create a vivid color effect, suitable for printing logo on T-shirts. 

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