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If you want to print the pattern of cotton T-shirt with the T-shirt printer of ADDTOP, you must first learn to choose the T-shirt with the right fabric. If you want to choose the right T-shirt, you must first know the cotton T-shirt fabric. It is no meaning if you do T-shirt printing but you don't know the fabric of T-shirt. Knowing the fabric of the T-shirt has a very direct effect on the T-shirt printing. ADDTOP can not only provide you with excellent T-shirt printer, but also help you know the fabric of T-shirt. Let's take a look at some tips on T-shirt fabrics.

The concept of gram weight:

Gram weight is generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric. The heavier the gram weight is, the thicker the clothes will be. T-shirt’s gram weight is generally between 160 grams and 220 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, generally we will choose the grams weight between 180 to 280.

The concept of the count:

Count is the length of one-pound cotton yarn. It also refers to the average length of cotton fibers. The higher the count is, the softer the fabric will be.

Coarse yarn: 18 or less pure cotton yarn, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or piled cotton fabrics.

Medium yarn: 19-29 cotton yarn. Mainly used for general requirements of knitted garments.

Fine yarn: 30-60 cotton yarn. Mainly used for high-grade cotton fabrics.

The count of T-shirt is usually 21 and 32.

Carding and combing concepts:

Carded yarn: It refers to the yarn spun by the carded spinning process, also known as uncombed yarn. The surface of the woven fabric of carded yarn will be rough, especially the dark fabric will have white yarn points.

Combed yarn:It is produced by using high-quality cotton fiber as a raw material, which is produced by adding a combing process to a carded yarn. The surface of the fabric is relatively clean and the it feels very soft.

Characteristics of common T-shirt cotton fabrics:

Ordinary cotton fabric: Casual T-shirts are usually made of ordinary cotton fabrics. The T-shirts of this fabric are comfortable to wear, but they are slightly stiffer. It is easy to wrinkle and is easily deformed after being launched.

Pure cotton mercerized cotton fabric: Pure cotton mercerized cotton fabric takes cotton as raw material, worsted into high-woven yarn, and then singeing, mercerizing and other special processing procedures, to make a smooth, bright, soft and anti-wrinkle high-quality mercerized yarn . This pure cotton mercerized cotton fabric not only completely retains the excellent natural characteristics of the original cotton, but also has a silky luster. The fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has a good elasticity and drape; it is very comfortable to wear.

Pure cotton double-mercerized fabric: It is a "double-burned double-mercerized" pure cotton product. It is made of singeed and mercerized mercerized yarn. After the singeing and mercerizing of the grey fabric, the high-grade knitted fabric is produced. The cloth surface is clear, the luster is bright, the hand feels smooth, and it is better than mercerized cotton, also the price is a bit more expensive.

Cotton-blend fabric: a fabric blended with a small amount of spandex in pure cotton. This fabric is characterized by the use of spandex to change the physical properties of cotton fabrics, greatly increasing the elasticity of the fabric while maintaining the texture of pure cotton. And comfort. The feel is still as pure cotton, comfortable and environmentally friendly, not easy to wrinkle. Many people in the application market also call this blended fabric "silk cotton", but this is not the real "silk cotton."

After learning the fabric knowledge of so many cotton T-shirts, I think you have already got a basic understanding of the T-shirt fabric, which will help you choose the T-shirt more correctly and master the T-shirt printing process. 

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