XBE3302 for Printing Fabric Fast Act Show Graphics


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With the development of advertisement industry,people care more about environmental protection.Act fast show has many advantages including different shapes and quick installation and it is widely used in display equipment,exhibition equipment,background display, curtain wall display and other areas.

Generally the material of the act fast show graphic is warp knitted fabric and how to print high quality graphics on it is a difficult points among customers.

ADDTOP’s XBE3302 directly textile printer matches the need of act fast show graphic printing and has many advantages:

1.Use 3.3m printing width,which is suitable for many kinds of fabric.Reduce the stitching and make the graphic smooth.

2. Use the direct printing technology and stable feeding and take-up system.It can print high quality design even if you use low elasticity fabric.

3. Use dual DX5 head,environment friendly inks and very stable printer body,which can not also keep high precision but also show vivid color.

Follow the trend,then you can embrace the future.

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