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T-shirts are more than just a piece of clothing, especially printed T-shirts are also called Cultural shirt. The original value of the T-shirt is very common, however, it has more applications because of its printed picture. Different theme of printed picture bring  higher value for different topics. In the commercial, cultural and other fields, there are a wide range of printed T-shirts. After screening, some of the following themes have been compiled.

1. Commodity T-shirt is based on the theme of individual consumers, printed with personalized patterns that consumers love, and enter T-shirts sold in regular merchandise distribution channels.

2. Advertisement T-shirt is a T-shirt for the purpose of carrying advertisements, and various specific advertisement signs and advertisement patterns are printed, and the advertisement T-shirt belongs to one type of advertisement media, and the content thereof may be commercial advertisements, public service advertisements, and so on.

3. Travel T-shirt is a T-shirt mainly for tourist souvenirs. It has a considerable position in the tourist souvenir market, and there are shops selling t-shirts in many tourist attractions. Tourism T-shirts are usually printed with graphic elements that express national culture, regional culture, local customs, natural landscapes and human history.

4. Team T-shirts are a symbol of a team, whether it is a large international organization, or a small team or band, people are proud of having a T-shirt with its own unique logo.

5. The theme T-shirt is a T-shirt that reflects the theme activities, and prints the unique logo of the theme activities. It focuses on sports activities, cultural communication, entertainment projects, and public welfare activities, with the main function of increasing people's participation. It also played a certain commemorative role.

6. The work T-shirt is also a kind of work clothes. It is printed with the logo of the company's trademark and post. It can be used as a post identification mark for the enterprise or as a publicity for the corporate image.

7. The Active T-shirt is a T-shirt with the theme of a specific event. It is usually printed with the theme and slogan of the event. It is mainly for tourism activities, class reunions and commemorative activities. The purpose is to increase the recognition of the event personnel, and the sense of ritual throughout the event.

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