Analyze about the technology of T-shirt transfer printing


Sublimation transfer;  PET film heat transfer; Heat Transfer-film; T-shirt film printing

T-shirt transfer printing is one of the most widely used process modes in T-shirt printing. The main advantage is that there are many crafts and a wide range of fabrics. It is really a universal process and the history of development is also very long, the process is quite mature. Let's have a look at the various processes of T-shirt transfer printing.

Different transfer media have different processes: Sublimation transfer、 PET film heat transfer、 Heat Transfer-film. Different media have unique adaptability. Sublimation transfer is suitable for chemical fiber materials such as silk, polyester, and mercerized cotton. The heat  transfer film can only be printed in a single color and can be transferred onto different fabrics which has a widely application.

Heater transfer can also be divided into light-colored heat transfer and dark transfer according to the color depth of the T-shirt. In the process of light transfer printing and dark transfer printing, the sublimation transfer and PET film heat transfer are more practical, they are widely used in personalized printing and mass production.

Light-colored heat transfer is mainly used in light-colored T-shirts, such as white, light yellow, light pink, light blue, and the best effect is transferred to a white t-shirt, the price is also the most economical of all heat transfer processes, but the light color heat transfer is limited by the color of the clothes, so the use of T-shirt printing is still limited.

Dark heat transfer is mainly used in dark T-shirts. At present, dark heat transfer is most preferred for PET film transfer. PET film transfer is  printing the preset pattern on the PET film with ADDTOP digital printer, then engrave the pattern with the plotter, then use the ironing board, the PET film was pressed onto a dark T-shirt. Since PET film can be easily printed on all fabrics and all colors, the application field is very wide, some people also call PET film transfer as universal transfer.

ADDTOP Digital, T-shirt pattern printing expert, share the transfer printing process with you, ADDTOP Digital Technology has a very mature solution in T-shirt film printing which can help you print PET film and let your T-shirt printing business  more successful. 

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