Frequently Asked Questions.


In-sales Service


* How do I contact you to purchase your equipment?

Thanks for your trust in our products. When you confirm that you need to buy our products, there are several ways to contact us:

(1) E-mail: E-mail to info@addtop.cn or eric@addtop.cn

(2) We-chat: You can add mobile number through We-chat, +86 159 2120 3803.

(3) Facebook: Finding ADDTOP Digital & Technology from FACEBOOK Company, leave a message

* After the product is confirmed, how about your company's order process?

After the product is confirmed, the related process of our customer's order is as follows:

(1) After receipt of the customer's order, our sales staff will send the invoice at the first time t to the guests .

The invoice will list the order number, product details, product prices, payment methods, payment accounts and other information.

(2) After the customer receives our order, please arrange the payment as soon as possible. After payment, please send the payment documents to our sales staff for the company's financial department check.

(3) After receiving the customer payment, the sales staff will arrange production order to product.

(4) After complete production, salesman will contact freight to delivery.

(5) After the goods leave the port,we can provide you clearance documents.

* About accessories, can you provide free accessories? If so, what are those?

Customers are first purchase the machine, we generally provide the following free accessories: ink sac, ink pad,print head data line, scraper, ink pump and so on. You can confirm with the sales staff about details.

* What is your payment method? Are there any ways to pay?

Our company's payment method: pay the full payment before shipment.

Customers can pay via T / T, L / C,if the order is not big,you can pay by Paypal, Western Union, Ali-pay.

* After payment, how can I know that you have received my payment?

When you have paid the purchase price, please send the payment slip or related voucher to our  sales staff by mail, and our sales staff will give the relevant documents to our finance department.

In general, the normal payment we will receive in 3-5 days.

Upon receipt of the relevant funds, our sales staff will tell you that the relevant funds have been received at first time.

* After receiving payment, how long will you need to arrange production?

After receiving the relevant payment, the sales staff will arrange your order to the production department.

In general, we need 15 days to complete the production.

Different products, the production cycle will be different. You can confirm with the sales staff.

* What is the packaging of the goods? Is it safe enough?

Our company's products are fumigation-free neutral crates, strong packaging, odorless materials, safe enough.

The outer of box is, machine model, product series number, packaging size, gross net weight and other information.

* About the carriage of goods, where is your FOB port?

According to our terms of trade, our products are quoted FOB Shanghai, so the port of shipment of goods to Shanghai.Also you can choose other ports.

* Can I use your freight forwarding for the carriage of goods? Do you provide door-to-door service?

On the carriage of goods, you can choose to use your own freight forwarding, or our company's freight forwarding, both are OK.

Regarding door-to-door service, because different countries have different laws and policies, they need to confirm according to the actual situation.

* How long do you need to give me the relevant shipping bill of lading after the delivery?

After the goods are shipped, the shipping company needs three days to give the original bill of lading to us.

We will provide the original documents or e- documents according to customer requirements.

Documents will be provided: bill of lading, commercial invoice and packing list.

If it involves other documents such as certificate of origin, please informed in advance.

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