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* After receiving the machine, who is responsible for the installation?

After receiving the machine, the customer needs to install the machine himself.

After the delivery of the machine, the customer can contact the responsible salesperson for product manual.

Before the installation you can inform the sales staff in advance to facilitate technical engineers for online support.

* The installation of the machine, include what? Precautions?

In general, the installation includes the following:

(1) The installation of main structure of the machine.

During installation of Main structure, ensure that the main structure in horizontal position and screws install properly;

(2) the installation of print head.

During installation of print heads, ensure that the print heads installed in the right position, and  data cable is connected correctly.

Note: Wrong data cable connection will lead to print head, board burned! ! ! Remember, remember! ! !

(3) Adjustment of print head:

The adjustment of the print head is divided into two aspects, one is the adjustment of the physical position of print head and the other is the adjustment of the print head software.

It is a little difficult to adjust print head position,you may ask technical staff for the physical adjustment of the print heads manual.

(4) Installation of printer software:

The printer software installation consists of two parts: one for RIP software installation and the other for printing management software installation.

In the software installation process, you need to pay attention to the following two points:

A. If the customer's computer is WIN 10 system, you need to prohibit the digital signature in the system, otherwise the software can not be used normally;

B. Suggest you to use English as the software operation language.

* If I have problems in installing the machine, can you provide technical support? Is this support free?

When the customer's machine has some problems, please contact our sales staff for the first time, our sales staff will contact with the technical staff to find solutions and solve the problem.During this process,related technical support is free.

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